Aida Manufacturing Past and Present

History of Aida Manufacturing

1) Founded by the grandfather of our current CEO

Aida Manufacturing was founding April 3, 1939 by the grandfather of the company’s current CEO.
The grandfather of Aida’s first president had originally been a master tool and die maker for the Citizen Watch. Given his standing as a skilled craftsman, the grandfather was able to get investment to start the company.
Aida Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 1945.

2) Fabricating poles for the Tokyo Olympics

At the time, the company focused on die fabrication. A 2-generation business with the current chairman (father) and first CEO (grandfather), Aida Manufacturing worked on Fuji Electric’s “fitted screw-in sockets,” Nippon Steel Metal Products’ “subway cover plates (foundation), guard fences, ” etc.
Aida Manufacturing was also involved in one of the signature projects of the time: the poles that were installed in the main stadium for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. These poles were built up by welding, so it took Aida Manufacturing’s advanced welding technology to get the job done.

3) The company grows as a Honda supplier

When Honda was looking for a supplier in the Tokyo area, they turned to Aida Manufacturing to fabricate its Super Cub muffler and body frame.
The company continued to grow, and made the shift from 2-wheel vehicles to 4-wheel vehicles.
Aida Manufacturing also supplied parts for the first-generation Nissan Skyline.

4) We may be small, but we travel our own path

As Honda got bigger they picked up more suppliers and they decided that they needed to consolidate their suppliers. Aida Manufacturing decided to follow its own path while remaining small. We stopped doing business directly with Honda and became a Tier 2 supplier.
Meanwhile, after the shift from motorcycles to cars, we continued to supply not only Honda, but Nissan, Mazda, and other automakers.

Aida Manufacturing Today

Current Initiatives

Building on over 80 years of experience and our strengths in productivity and quality assurance forged in our work as an auto parts manufacturer, Aida Manufacturing supports customers with thick pipe fabrication and assembly in a wide range of fields.
Although we may be a Tier 2 supplier, we think of ourselves as offering Tier 2.0~2.9 level support. We strive to achieve continuous improvement to raise the Tier 2 level, and it is our goal to serve our customers well and to step up to Tier 1.9.
We have always been strong in welding assembly work. Going forward, we will work closely with our overseas partners so we can provide added value for our customers.

Areas where Aida Manufacturing products are used

  • Car and truck exhaust pipes and chassis frames
  • Exhaust pipes and guards for construction equipment manufacturers (industrial equipment area)
  • Shipping industry pallets, etc.