A Professional Engineering Group
Achieving heights of engineering on par with an Olympic pole vault

A long and proud history that has kept pace with the development of the automobile
A history of high quality that began with the first generation of the Nissan Skyline

Building a global network
Working with teams around to the world to find the best answers

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A solutions company to solve all kinds of challenges

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Founded in 1939, Aida\'s advanced technology is backed by a long and proud history

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Aida\'s global network

A group of professionals who can leverage a long and proud history and advanced automotive technology to take on all kinds of challenges

Aida Manufacturing: A history that goes back to the prewar era and advanced product technology cultivated in the automobile industry
Working with teams around to the world to find the best answers to all kinds of challenges
We are a professional engineering group


Aida Manufacturing: We can do it.
Customer success stories

These are just a few examples of how Aida Manufacturing has solved challenges faced by our customers.


Some of the products Aida Manufacturing is involved with

Aida Manufacturing continues to provide safe, high-quality products in a wide range of industries, starting with brake pedals, mufflers, and other auto parts that are vital to the safety of vehicle occupants.


A group of technology master craftspeople
About Aida Manufacturing

Aida Manufacturing was founded in 1939 by a man who was a model citizen die-maker. Our company has a long and proud history as a metal-forming die manufacturer.

Working with our partners across Asia, we are a group of technology craftspeople offering one-stop solutions to our customers.

We live in an era when it is impossible for your company to go it alone.
This is a time when, to survive and thrive in global competition, a company needs to join forces with a dependable partner, both in Japan and overseas.

Announcements from Aida Manufacturing

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Customer success stories

List of customer success stories
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    We fabricate copies based on the original ...

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    Reduced costs and improved performance by ...