Technical coordination network throughout Asia

Cooperation with Wuhan Huiheng Industry Co., Ltd.

Aida Manufacturing was introduced to Wuhan Huiheng Industry Co., Ltd.
to become our partner by a Japanese client with a plant in Wuhan,
China to promote the local procurement of parts.
We can achieve both quality and safety through the pursuit of manufacturing technology given Aida Manufacturing’s intense focus on “craftsmanship.”

New initiatives

・Start of pipe bending fabrication
・Acquisition of welding assembly technology
・Raising the level of quality control
・Startup of new factory
・Strengthening ties with Japanese companies

We have found a match between our respective needs and have started a strategic partnership

Technical support from Japan (startup of new fabricated products)

Areas of support Specific items
Sorting out specifications and confirmation items based on customer drawings ・Confirmation of tolerances, materials, etc.
Inquiries from customers ・Startup schedule and confirmation of support content.
Confirmation of specifications
Review of manufacturing methods ・Study of optimal production methods using existing facilities

・Selection of production processes in view of productivity and costs

Selection of equipment ・Selection of specifications for newly-installed equipment
Design concepts for dies and jigs ・Concepts for dies and jigs that support manufacturing methods and take productivity and costs into consideration
On-site support and oversight for fabrication of equipment, dies, jigs, etc. ・Visits to fabricators, detailed discussions and confirmation of production status
On-site support and oversight for trial production (both in-house and external) ・Advice on improvements to deal with issues and ways to look at products through trial fabrication of new equipment, dies, and jigs
Selection of manufacturing conditions and quality control items ・Selection of control points
Production of standard operating procedures, equipment inspection charts, quality checklists and other standard documentation ・Daily management items, advice on methods, and advice on initial flow management
Participation in customer events ・Guidance on responding to customer requests
Issues after the start of mass production ・5S, defect reduction, increasing service life of consumables, etc.