Automotive company success stories

We fabricate copies based on the original components – no drawings! – and meet our customer’s needs

The customer’s challenge

This company is linked to a certain automaker. The automaker decided to move its production line from Kyushu to the Tokyo area, and our customer found itself having to increase the number of parts carriers.
But there were no drawings for the parts carriers and our customer was struggling to figure out how increase their number.

Issues and approaches

Most companies in the parts carriers business build them on the basis of drawings, so it was difficult to make them without drawings.
Since the parts carriers had to be built without drawings, measurements had to be taken of the actual carriers and to work up drawings using CAD.

Aida Manufacturing’s recommendation

We took measurements to develop drawings and then we suggested that it would be possible to fabricate copies. We took precise measurements on site, produced 3D drawings, and told the customer that, yes, we could fabricate the parts carriers they needed.
In this project, we were able to add value: where the original parts carriers used welded components, we proposed one-piece components that maintain the strength of these components.

Value delivered by Aida Manufacturing

Unlike typical parts carrier fabricators, we offered our customer an end-to-end service, from measurements to develop working drawings all the way to production.
We delivered the number of parts carriers our customer needed, right in line with their requirements.
We presented our customer with the drawings we produced so that the customer could make modifications on their own.
The value that Aida Manufacturing offers to customers is that we can produce drawings based on the actual equipment, make improvements on the design, and then put it into production. This is the kind of end-to-end solution that makes our customers happy.

From the project manager (Shinobu Goko, #2 Section Chief, Manufacturing Department)
Our customer told us, “It’s a good thing you made it for us!”
What really pleased the customer was that Aida created 3D data that will be useful for making improvements in the equipment down the road.
Engineering data is priceless, just as it is for products themselves. I’m really proud that through my work I can meet our customers’ needs.
It’s hard to take measurements, but we’re quite used to it so it’s no problem for us. Just leave it to Aida!